Have you ever started a diet or fitness regime worked your backside off for a few months but then lost motivation and quit before you got anyway near where you wanted to be ?

Perhaps you’re a repeat offender at quitting on fitness regimes and for the life of you can’t figure out why…

Let me guess…

You decide you wanted to lose weight, so you start a diet / join a gym / hire a personal trainer, you start to see results and you feel great.

you stick at it for the initial 2 months then when your results start to dwindle off and get tougher to achieve you find your self missing the gym more, having more cheat meals, this happens more and more until eventually you lose all motivation and end up back at square one…

why does this happen?, is it the gym, is it the diet ? is it the personal trainer ?

Surprisingly not,

The main reason the majority of people quit diet / fitness regimes is simple, they never found a real reason to do it … wanting to lose weight may be enough to initially motivate you but its not a strong enough motivation to keep you going when it gets tough.

You need to peel back as many layers as possible and find a deep reason to do it,

Sounds complicated ? Heres the questions i recommend you ask your self.

1) What is my goal (General) ?

2) What am i trying to get away from ?

3) What am i trying to work towards ?

4) How will getting there benefit my life short term ?

5) How will getting there benefit my life long term ?

6) How will me getting there benefit the people i care about’s life ?

Make these as vivid and realistic as possible,

Once you’ve answered these questions make your goals more real by asking your self these questions:

What exactly do i want to achieve ?

How will i measure this ?

When will i achieve it by ?

write all these answers down and keep them on your fridge, mirror, in your gym bag, then when times get tough, review them and see how much progress you have made, this is a sure fire way to re-motivate you

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