At Sweat we understand the emotions our clients may be feeling, perhaps you are biting the bullet for the first time to try and improve physically and get mentally stronger. You may have rolled over the thought of joining a gym for years only for that little voice in your head to pipe up and tell you otherwise. Common areas that people put it off could be…

-Feeling self conscious

-Out of your comfort zone

-You don’t want to embarrass yourselves

-You wouldn’t know where to start

-Which workouts are going to save you time and benefit you the most?

-How do you do the exercises?

You know what’s so great about training in a group environment such as Group PT or Sweat? EVERYBODY felt the same when they started!

Nobody looks down on you because they’ve been in the same boat; they understand the same emotions you’ll be feeling when you initially start up. The workouts are designed by fully qualified trainers so everything you do is beneficial and never boring. The beauty is that once you’re down here in a group, you meet new friends that push you along and you become part of a team which results in you hating to miss a session.

Unlike going to regular gym, you actually feel missed if you don’t turn up to the group. You’re more than just a member number. This has loads of positive impacts on your experience with training and results in achieving your goals faster. Benefits such as

-Feeling comfortable training within a friends group

-Not feeling conscious being sweaty and red faced

-Push each other further than you possibly could alone

-Accountability, think about it, you’re more likely to show up on days where you really don’t want to    if your friends are going too

-Enjoy a great atmosphere that you want to be apart of

-Compete with each other to train harder for longer

You know that feeling you get when your friends recognise a new haircut? Or if you drop a few pounds and they notice? How great it is and how self confident you become? That’s what the atmosphere is like during group training. Everyone regularly compliments you as they can see the efforts you are putting in to achieve your goals. Positive mentality that urges you to continue.