Have you ever been told that eating bread will make you fat ?, that drinking full-fat milk will make it impossible to lose weight ? or that eating anything processed will completely halt your progress ?

Ever since the “paleo diet” (a diet based on what our ancestors supposedly ate) and elimination style dieting was popularised many people believe that gluten (a protein found in wheat based products like bread),dairy and other processed foods should be avoided like the plague and that they’re the sole course for obesity and weight-gain, this is based mainly on assumptions with very little scientific evidence.

The theory is that since our ancestors didn’t eat / consume these food groups is that we don’t digest them very well which effects our hormone levels and causes us to store fat… when in reality there has been several more reliable studies to prove that storing fat is directly linked to being in a positive energy balance (consuming more calories than you burn off).

The only reason these foods may link to weight gain is that they are reasonably calorie dense, but in a controlled amount this wont be an issue at all.

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The main issue surrounding gluten/dairy/processed foods is that many people have underlying intolerances/digestive issues that they may not know about, Having a food intolerance can cause a lot of issues such as, lethargy and “brain fog” feelings, Inflammation and aches in joints as well as inflammation, discomfort and pain in your stomach and gut.

Gluten intolerances have even been linked to plaques forming on the brain causing dementia and alzheimer’s.

The inflammation / fluid storage linked to these intolerances can be the reason people lose a lot of weight initially when removing these foods from their diets.

This being said you shouldn’t rush to demonise these foods however if you do experience these issues, i’d recommend removing them from your diet, you can also get food intolerance testing kits online if you want to definitively find out.

If you discover you have no issues with it … make the most of it, because after all, who doesn’t love cookies and milk ?

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