Everyone hears the diet FAD myth ‘Eating at night makes you FAT’

Any diet that you want to take or any diet you want start there’s always the saying ‘If You Eat Too Late at Night Your Body Won’t Be Able to Break down the Food and It Will Turn Into FAT making you FAT!

The rationale behind this diet ‘myth’ is that when you are sleeping your body is not working as hard so it’s not going to be burning off the calories it would be if you ate before 5pm.

You will see many diet programmes and hear fitness professionals telling you that you cannot eat after 7 o’clock at night because you will get FAT.

  • This is simply NOT TRUE

WHY? Because

  1. The most important thing when in a deficit (diet) is CALORIES IN TO CALORIES OUT.
  2. It does not matter when you EAT, if you want to have a meal or snack right before you go to sleep then go ahead.

The reason that many believe this is true is because if you do eat right before you go to sleep, especially that has a lot of water in therefore you will hold water weight, making you seem you have gained weight the next morning if you weigh yourself. When in reality it’s just water weight that your body is holding.

  • The reason this ‘myth’ has been perpetuated so well is because those who do eat late at night might wake up the next day and the body has not even digested all the food yet, weighing slightly more than they would want.

SO if someone tells you that you cannot eat after 7o’oclock then, well, don’t believe them, even if it is from a fitness guru, it’s just NOT TRUE!

  • Eat whenever you want, and remember the most IMPORTANT thing to losing weight is CALORIES IN vs CALORIES OUT and again CALORIES IN vs CALORIES OUT.

Don’t be stressed out about when you are eating, eat when you need to, eat when it’s convenient for you and when it works for you.

If you are someone that likes to snack a lot then save some calories for the night and you can go to bed full. As long as you are under your calories for the day you will be fine.

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