Sore after your workouts?
Feeling sore after your sessions?


perhaps getting up and down the stairs is tough, and lets not even mention the “toilet seat drop” (it happens to all of us don’t worry)
This is perfectly normal, the reason you are sore is that during a high intensity workout you have caused small tears in your muscle to occur, it is the restoration of these small tears that makes your muscles stronger and more toned, due to these micro-tears in the muscles there is also a small build up of fluid (inflammation) and crystallisation in the muscles.

Like i said before this is nothing to worry about here are my top tops on how to deal with this soreness.
Get moving … Getting the blood flowing around your body again is the first step, contracting your muscles will aid your lymphatic system in pushing out the inflammation in the muscles, this can be easy as going for a walk, doing some light exercises or even jumping on a foam roller and rolling out your muscles
2) Eat enough protein, protein is the building blocks of muscle tissue, consuming enough protein helps ensure your body is recovering optimally
3) Hydrate properly: your muscles have essentially got loads of layers that slide over each other during each contraction, optimal hydration will help these sliding surfaces function properly and minimise inflammation
4) Hot and cold contrast showers: taking a shower where you alternate between the hottest temperature you can tolerate and the coldest will also aid in getting fresh blood flow through the muscles

If your training is extremely intense or if you want to take your recovery to the next level you can invest in a few things too

1)Compression clothing: compression pants or “skins” essentially help to push out inflammation from the muscles basically like squeezing a tube of toothpaste
2)Electrical Muscle Stimulator: essentially a machine that sends electric pulses in to your muscles which again helps blood flow and release inflammation i personally use a “Compex” for around 30 minutes a day


To conclude, if you’re sore, don’t worry, get the blood flowing again and you’ll soon be fine, rest assured you will always be sore, you just eventually get used to it haha !!!