I don’t know about you, but i’ve got olympic fever,

Especially watching the weightlifting …

Its always humbling watching a 48kg women

lift similar to what i can at as a 90kg male

But what do you notice about these women ?

They STILL look feminine …

Yet they’re stronger than most men you’ll ever meet

Lifting heavy weights is actually

One of the most beneficial things a woman can do to be in shape

You will not get massive muscles –

you simply don’t have the hormones (testosterone) to do it

However you WILL build lean firm muscle making you look more toned

You will also have a FASTER metabolism due to the increase in muscle mass

You will also burn more calories lifting weights than if you ran

Making it easier to lose fat and look better

WIN WIN  in my opinion

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but also group personal training where you can lift weights, get strong and achieve things you never thought you could

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Morgan king 48kg olympian

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