Coming up the new year here is something you may want to consider, especially if you’ve previously made a new years resolution to lose weight that you haven’t seen through  Or if next years resolution is to be “lean in 2017”

Todays life lesson: don’t take starting blocks to a marathon:



Lets face it we have all been here or atleast all know someone who’s gone on a mad diet and exercise kick  Perhaps done a shake plan or a fad diet   or  something else along those lines   yes they/you … lost loads of weight in a short period of time,   but then i’d put money on the fact you/they hit a wall… stopped seeing the same rate of progress which lead to  giving up and put more weight than ever back on.


This is exactly what I call taking your starting blocks to a marathon,  Picture it … you’ve entered the london marathon 1000s of runners are preparing for the start of the race …   and theres you …   you have got your sprinting spikes on, start blocks  set and you’re imagining you’re usain bolt …   You sprint the first 100m,   yes you’ll start ahead of everyone  but you will hit a wall quicker than you can imagine    You’ll be to tired to do the remaining 26+ miles !!!


My biggest advice,  Start slowly    For someone new to exercise I recommend aiming to train 3 x per week   If you go for 5-6 times per week to start you’ll simply be too sore (infact 60% of new exercisers stop in the first 2 months because they can’t handle the level of soreness)

you can always add in more sessions later down the line.

As for dieting I recommend you start by calculating the amount of calories per day your body requires to maintain weight,    (you can use calculators online such as the harris benedict formula which you can find on google)


Then making a small reduction or 10-20% from this figure  And then aiming to hit that number consistently  for a few weeks (I recommend you use an app like MyFitnessPal to track this … it really helps you get a grasp on portion control and moderation)


In the initial stages of dieting calorie/poriton control is far more important than worrying about anything fancy like protein intake or meal timing or supplements that can all come later.


The reason we recommend you start conservatively and make changes along the way is


A) so you don’t get overwhelmed – if you jump in too in depth you’ll most likely have so much to think about you won’t actually do anything




B) because  that human body is really really really good at adapting.  Change its circumstances / stimulus for long enough and it will adapt to it.   Eat/burn a certain amount of calories for long enough and your body will begin to maintain weight rather than drop it  Your body is clever it wants to run efficiently and store energy …   You know … just incase you get trapped outside in an ice age or stuck in some other prehistoric catrsophy that we don’t have to worry about anymore  This means that no matter how crazy your regime  is eventually your results will slow down and your body will do what it takes to maintain where it is.

This then leads to an obvious lack of results which leads to motivation dropping and makes sticking to the plan near on impossible.

However if you start with a moderate approach you will end up being able to make changes along the way … which will lead to you consistently seeing progress and staying motivated  !!!


If you need any more help with making sure your new year fitness kick doesn’t hit a wall – just drop me a message by clicking in the bottom corner of this screen  and i’ll help you out 🙂


Paul – Owner/Director Sweat Camp