Why Weight Loss Doesn’t Work

So i’m currently 5 days in to a cut to get the last few kilos off for a weightlifting competition next weekend so I can make my weight category and i’m down from 89.7kg to 87kg and by next Saturday i’ll be down to 84.9kg so a total of 4.8kg down in 2 weeks.

You see a lot of people who are either trainers or flogging supplements commend people for weight losses like this and people believe its a good thing.
When heres the reality,
I’ve only lost weight because i’ve carbohydrates right down causing me to store much less water and glycogen (glycogen is the store of sugar in your muscles)
I’ve also cut out any food that may cause bloating or water retention
So long story short
I wont have lost a kilo of fat, I will put all that weight back on the minute I eat carbohydrates again.
These diets/supplements/shakes that incur results like these are purely based around
a)low carbohydrates
b)foods that don’t cause gut irritation / water retention
Resulting in rapid weight loss  90%+ of which is water and no long term changes have been made,
Dieting / eating like this is something i’d only recommend for someone like me who’s got to make a weight category for a sport (even for that it isn’t 100% ideal, as i definitely couldn’t sustain this for more than a few weeks)

So what should you do to lose fat ?

Firstly lose the term “weight loss”
Especially If you just want to look/feel better here is how you do it
You should focus on “fat loss” as losing fat is what makes long term changes and makes you look different
Its important to understand your body can only lose a small amount of fat per week – normally around 1-1.5% of your bodyweight  (1-3lb in most cases max), if you lose more weight than this it is either water, glycogen or even muscle tissue
fat loss is dictated by energy balance i.e. how much food you eat vs how much energy you use (also known as how many calories you consume vs how many you burn)
To lose fat you have to simply be in a small deficit of calories (eat slightly less than you burn)
This causes your body to tap in to fat supplies for energy, eventually using enough of them over long periods of time to make a visible change.
So how do i do that ?
Figure out how many calories you need to have on a daily basis
Exercise 3-5 times per week
Do 8-10,000 steps per day
Drink Plenty of water
Sleep a lot
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As always any questions just ask,