Following on from yesterdays post about diet,

Its another question we see a lot

Whats the best exercise to do for weight loss ?

So this is a subject that people very easily get on their soap box about, some are adamant its weight lifting, some swear by running and long slow duration exercises, others chosen method are circuits and “metabolic conditioning”

In reality the latest studies have shown they all have their benefits and can all be useful tools for weight management, the most important aspects to making an exercise programme work is consistency,  progression and enjoyment.



In order to be consistent you must enjoy what you’re doing, If you find your workout regime overly torturous or generally boring you wont keep it up (similar to the reasons most diets don’t work), its also important to have someone to be accountable to and to support you when it gets tough to keep you on track.


The issue with being in charge of your own fitness regime is its very easy to not be progressive, always lifting the same weights, running at the same speed on a treadmill, always using the same machines etc… having someone to motivate you and push you to do more will lead to your body constantly having to adapt to new stimulus leading to better results when it comes to weight loss.


You need to have fun with your fitness regime, whats the point of having a nice body if you’re miserable… not saying it should be easy but it shouldn’t be a process you hate, an easy way to have fun with training is to train in a group of like minded people and also to have a laugh when you’re doing it !

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